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Night Pennant1

Night Pennant – Round 5 vs CHELTENHAM
Undefeated Ashy took on the strong 3rd. placed Cheltenham at Ashburton tonight, and came back to earth quickly with a thud!
We quickly discovered that no matches would be easy this year at after 8 ends the Big Board said Ashy 21 shots vs Cheltenham 22 shots!

Grant Pickering’s rink of himself, Ian Lee, Dianne McLeod and Ken Lawrence was involved in an epic shot for shot, 1 shot per end battle. You had to deliver centimetre perfect bowls, and even then you were odds on to be replaced. On one end the shot, within 10 inches of the jack, changed 5 times!! After 10 ends it was Ashy 6 vs Cheltenham 4, then they broke the 1 shot run with a 2. 6 All. Then their wheels fell off, Ken Lawrence and Dianne where all over the jack, and only superb bowls from their 3rd reduced a number of 3’s and 4’s to 1 or even shot to them. But with judicial moving of the jack we collected 2 and then another 2. When we were holding 4 tight shots next end I think they had a brain fade, and despite us holding all the back bowls kept driving and knocking their own bowls out. End result a 5 to Ashy! Grant protected the next 3 ends and the final score was Ashy 15 to Cheltenham 9.
Rob Wilson’s rink with Shaun Wilson, Andrew Eyers and Rachel Wilson, was also going shot for shot, just not only 1 per end. Again after 10 ends there was only 1 shot in it, with Ashy leading 11 to 10. The next 3 ends decided the game, with Ashy collecting an additional 5 shots. I do recall seeing Andrew produce a number of perfect bowls either rolling the opponents shot out and sitting or nudging the jack back to us. Another highlight was a number of Rob’s bowls that weaved through tiny gaps and sat inside shot bowls only 1 bowl from the jack. With the whole of the green urging one home with multiple cries of “Like this, Yes, Yes, Yes, Looks good, Looks Perfect, IS PERFECT!”
They won 2 of the last 3 ends to come home 18 vs 12 winners.

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TopSideWow, what a magnificent weekend, all three of our finalist have been promoted, mission accomplished, you little ripper!

Now for the narratives.

Yesterday our seconds went to Mulgrave Country Club at huge odds after being smashed there recently. They went back again yesterday and knocked Mulgrave out of the race, a sensational performance. As you can see in a previous post Dawn and Liz showed true grit to stand up in the final two ends to take a tied match to a four shot win, a win to go down in the history books. Today wasn't their day as Middle Park took the win but we are all immensely proud and nothing can take away the importance of yesterdays win. Div 3, you beauty.

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A great win for the second side. at Afternoon tea 3 shots up. On the last end we were 74 all but Dawn drew a resting toucher to win 20 to 19 and Liz ended up three shots up so we won by 4 points. Very close exciting game. We play Middle Park at Bennettswood tomorrow. Go Ashy.

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Ray Namour and rink had smiles so wide their faces were in danger of cracking after Saturday’s round 8 match against Doncaster at home.  Ray, and Peter Arndt, Graeme Goldsack and Denise Taylor won 39-9 to take rink of week honors.

Ray came down from the firsts the previous week and had an unhappy day with a loss, so turning it around in a big way this week was worth smiling about. Ray has been known to crack it on occasions, and crack the head with his drives.  So cracking a smile was supported by all.  And in a follow up to his sparkling form, on Sunday he won his singles match against the formidable Ken Lawrence.

Well done again Ray.



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