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What a Season!!!!!
Aided by the introduction of some top class players including Morena & Anton Poropat with Doug Sinclair and Xavier Ceratto from 

Southern IndoorIan Lee Camberwell Central, we were always in the hunt. Other than a glitch early on when we lost to the then bottom side! We finished the Season in 2nd place, having only lost 4 matches for the whole season, 1 point behind Melbourne who scrambled a tie late in the season to stay above us. Our shots advantage of 168 was by far the best in the division. A highlight was a great win over the very fancied Melbourne side by 20 shots late in the season. As it happens, we never expected to feature in the Finals, so there was no plan in place when we did (bad management there). Suddenly we found that due to the strange qualification process at Southern Indoor, we had only 8 qualified players fit for the finals. Matters did not improve when both Tom Gowie and Heinz informed me that they were going to be away on holidays during Finals week and Ray Namour would not return from holidays until after the Finals! So a scramble ensued to see who we could qualify, turned out it was only Liz Kortum. Tom then realized he could play in the 1st. Final on Monday night as he was flying out on Tuesday morning. Relief all around, we had a team for the final. We need not worry about the 2nd final as we would be playing against one of the Premier Division sides, Clayton, Brighton, Mentone etc.

WHAT A GAME THE 1st. FINAL WAS! Finishing 2nd not 1st. Meant that we played Caulfield Park, not Brighton. Many of you will know some of the Caulfield Park players from the Summer Tuesday Night Pennant competition. INTERESTING PEOPLE!
Doug Sinclair’s Rink lead their opponents all night long and Tom Gowie’s played a seriously tight match, culminating in some of the most BRILLIANT Skip’s Bowls you will ever see, from both Skip’s. It went a bit like this.
We were 1 up (I think) on the change, and then we were 4 down! Tom’s draw was perfect, again we were 1 up. Alas – Tom’s bowl disappeared and we were 5 down! Much to the delight and screaming of a very, very noisy and actually painful 3rd. Didn’t we all love Tom’s perfect Draw that put us 1 up again! BRILLIANT TOM, under extreme pressure.
Oh Dear! We have won, and now we need to find another player for Tuesday night. The plan was to simply play an unqualified player and forfeit after the game. Enter Anton who despite still only having hazy vision from one eye said he would play. Great stuff!
Changing the Rinks around, with Xavier stepping up to fill Tom’s skip position in Rink 1, and Anton taking his spot as 2nd. In Rink 2, we had 2 qualified Rinks. Let’s Go! 
We were drawn to play MCC, who had defeated the Powerful Mentone in a tiebreaker in the ¼ Finals, but had been defeated by Caulfield Park just 2 weeks before. We believed we could win this.
This was a seriously tight match from the start, and after 6 or 7 ends Doug was up 2 shots despite having dropped a 4 and Xavier was level or down 1. We were right in this!Xavier’s rink had just an unreal game, with no more than 1 or 2 shots difference either way right up to the last end. They entered this holding a 1 shot advantage, but unfortunately lost a 2 to lose the match by 1 shot. A fantastic effort!
Doug’s rink won enough ends (9) but had “No Luck” and we also made 2 major mistakes that cost them 2 more 4’s. Overall at the end of the game they were down 13 (I think), which, when you consider they dropped 4 X 4’s and 2 X 3’s just shows on a good day, we really could have won this match.
But, No Matter What, this was a Fantastic Result, and also kept Ashy’s name in front of a lot of quality Bowlers (Doug and Xavier – Come on Over!) and managed to put a bit of Prizemoney into the Club’s Bank Account.
Many, Many thanks to all those Bowler’s who represented Ashy this season, I cannot name them all here, but you know you played with us, and you all are part of our success and the accolades. Special thanks and mention to Heinz, who played all season until we had to find a spot for Liz, and unquestionably would have been in our Finals Team if he had been here.
To the non Ashy member’s who became a part of Ashy with this result, Diane, Doug, Xavier and Alan. Thanks, you know you will always be welcome on the Greens at Ashy, either as an opponent, a Friend, or better still as an Ashy Member!
To the season’s Skip’s – Doug, Tom, Anton and Xavier – WELL DONE, and thanks from all of us.

Author:  Ian Lee


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