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Greens topdressing is here again. Immediately following Pennant on Saturday evening 21st Dec, Russell, who will be playing nearby at Burwood, will scarify the Lower green and on Sunday 22 Dec he will cut and lightly scarify the Top green.

On Mon 23 Dec & Tues 24th Dec, Russell will team up with two other Greenkeepers, Brett Leighton who maintains Melbourne BC and Daniel Kirby from Edithvale, and between them share their labour and equipment to spread soil at three clubs including our Lower green. Some of the edges of the Top green will also be lightly top dressed where the ground has dropped away – mainly in the East/West corner. The Top green was comprehensively top dressed on the 9th April 2013.

This maintenance will mean that the Lower green will be closed until Saturday Pennant resumes on the 18th January. Tuesday Pennant resumes on the 14th Jan – both teams can fit on the Top green for this round.

The Top green will also be closed after Monday Triples on 23rd Dec. It will re-open for play on News Year Day, Wed 1st January.The Club Singles Finals planned for Sun 12 January will be played on the TOP GREEN, as the Lower green will still be recovering from the top dress.

Our Greens were inspected last week. No report as yet but apart from the dropping away in the East/West top corner no other problems were mentioned.

Bruce Maloney


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